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Welcome to Autumn Acres Alpacas and Alpacas of Maple Grove Farm. Our farms are in North Carolina and Virginia and are run by both of our families.

Christy started her farm in North Carolina about 7 years ago and currently has about 25 alpacas. Joe and his family started their alpaca farm in Virginia about 7 years ago and currently has over 50 alpacas. Joe and I were married in July of 2012 -- we have a love for both states and united both farms as one. We had a daughter in 2012, Calista Danielle Kyger -- our youngest alpaca entrepreneur. Joe also has a daughter Emma (5) and two sons Lyle (19) and Noah (14). Joe’s parents, Donny and Claudie Kyger, are also owners and help operate our Virginia location.

Our love for the alpaca business is passionate -- we love doing shows, auctions, and are very active in the industry. We work with lots of big farms and can put you on the right path in the wonderful alpaca world. We have an alpaca store at our Virginia location, where Claudie has a variety of products for everyone. We do this as a full time business and alpacas are our lifestyle. We recommend the business to anyone looking for financial security for the future and who doesn't mind scooping a little poop! It's fun and we love it. Please feel free to contact us and come for a farm visit.

Updated January 14, 2017